“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences”

– M.Scott Peck –

Managing Global Teams

Organizations work often with teams where the team members are spread around different countries, cultures and/or timezones. Team members that need to work together – and at the same time separately. As manager, how do you organize these Global Teams? How do you strengthen trust, even though team members barely see each other ‘face-to-face’? How do you overcome the geographic, cultural and language distance? And, how do you reap the rewards of the distance and diversity that exist?


Managing Global Teams is a program whose goal is: learn through experience. By using your own examples, you will experience how you can lead a geographically spread and culturally diverse team with maximum impact. Leadership at a distance is not a technical question but rather a question of human resources. The techniques can make it possible, but you make the difference, through your chosen actions!

If you want to know more about this program or start a discussion, call or send an email to: turid.mastenbroek@tmadvies.nl