“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our
need for invulnerability”

– Patrick Lencioni –

Customized Team workshops

The effectiveness of a team is dependent on everyone’s contribution, and on how far the team has gone to discuss the collective and individual needs that are vital to achieve a better process and better results. For example, do we have a collective view on what we want to achieve as a team? Is everyone’s contribution stimulated and recognised? Are conflicts discussed and solved effectively? Are results and successes celebrated?


With our approach, we work both with the entire team and with each individual. Personal leadership plays a role in teams and in collaboration. Working with your strength leads to synergy and acts as an example for others. It is essential when leading teams that each team member, individually and as a collective, learns to work from that strength. Together we will look at the factors that influence the process and the results. We will also look at the contribution a team makes to the greater group/organization. Is that contribution noticed and recognised or not?