"The future is no more uncertain than the present"

– Walt Whitman –


You might be standing in front of the most griping challenges of your career or the most inspirational project. Or you would like to improve your leadership skills with new insights or a new approach. Our world has never been as volatile as it is now, the challenges organizations and leaders face have never been so complex.

John Chamber, CEO Cisco, described it in the following way:
Where the industry is going, no matter the industry, will be about how do you change. How do you get outside your comfort zone? If you don’t move, you will be left behind. (interview McKinsey Quarterly)

This means that leadership needs a clear purpose, it entails knowing where you stand and finding it an honor to serve. And it also means being authentic, being present, daring to take risks and always being open to learning from others. In my eyes, authenticity is made up of two components: personal authenticity and moral authenticity.


I define personal authenticity the way Brene Brown does: letting go of who you think you should be every single day and accepting who you really are. This requires the courage to be imperfect, to set limits and to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Moral authenticity means standing up for what you believe in and achieving that. Self-reflection and optimism are essential here.

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