"Master, master, how long do i need to enlightenment?
Well, maybe twenty years.
And if I try realy hard?
Then forty"

– Buddhist joke –

Individual coaching

You have to follow your own way. But sometimes, that way is paved with a great deal of challenges and obstacles. Or there are moments when questions come up that make you want to stand still. Experiencing silence means opening the door to a space devoid of emotional clutter. A space where you can stand still with your feelings, thoughts, dreams and questions. In that moment it can be comforting to walk with someone by your side, so that you can discover a new force in yourself in order to take the next step.


We will discuss together your issue and we will make sure that you will stand with your own power when it comes to this issue. You can then fully stake this power in your work. The results usually show a bigger insight in yourself and the effect of your behavior on others. But also: letting go of who you think you should be and accepting who you really are, leading to effective leadership.

Do you want to know more about coaching or would you like to start a discussion, then call or email: turid.mastenbroek@tmadvies.nl